BLACKPINK in concert backstage: super hilarious with jaw-dropping “car parade”

The cute actions of BLACKPINK members after their Berlin concert are a going viral across the net. 

BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK World Tour is approaching the end of its Europe leg. From North America to Europe, the girl group has always proven their high standing as a Kpop queen, going viral for moments both on and off the stage. While they are extremely chic and cool during the performances, BLACKPINK boasts cute personalities in real life, and an interaction between them and fans after the Berlin concert is drawing a lot of attention. 

blackpink concert
Rosé led the BLACKPINK…. parade

In particular, instead of greeting fans as normal, BLACKPINK rides …”cars” during their concert’s send-off. However, these are not the fancy vehicles that the members often travel around in, but rather scooters that are combined with luggage cases. On top of all these, Lisa and Jisoo even rode on the same scooter, making fans burst out in laughter. All the members completely disregard their normal “girl crush” and “goddess image”, flaunting their bright and humorous  real personalities. 

blackpink concert
Lisa and Jisoo used the same scooter
blackpink concert
Jennie wore a beanie and thus is compared to a cute egg 

These “cars” would later appear in the soundcheck for day 2 of the Berlin concert as well. This time, it was Rosé and Lisa that were using the same scooter and showing their affections. 

For long-term fans of BLACKPINK, this humorous moment is far from being surprising, seeing that the members have done a lot of similar gestures. In fact, on her Instagram, Jennie even gave a spoiler about these scooters beforehand, and it was nice to see the female idols enjoying themselves even while busy with their tour schedules. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • They are like kindergarteners 
  • Jennie looks like an egg with that beanie and sunglasses…
  • BLACKPINK is having so much fun!
  • Sunglasses indoors? Jennie is so funny
  • Seems like they are still having fun despite the packed world tour
blackpink time magazine
BLACKPINK is not as serious as their on-stage image
blackpink time magazine
The girl group is even compared to kindergarteners

Source: k14

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