BLACKPINK impresses audience with these actions in first concert without Jisoo

Three of BLACKPINK members tried their best to make up for Jisoo’s absence.

BLACKPhttps://kbizoom.com/tag/blackpink/INK recently held their two-night concert in Osaka, Japan. However, as Jisoo was infected with COVID, she could not make it to the stage and only three out of four members were present.

To compensate for her absence, a recorded audio of Jisoo was broadcast on a big screen. Fans were emotional to see their favorite idol virtually on the stage.

A clip of Jisoo appearing in the “Don’t Know What To Do” performance

At the same time, the members actively tried to find way to include Jisoo into the performances. They left a spot for the member on the stage and even held the microphones to that direction when it was Jisoo’s part in the “Tally” performance.

It was reminiscent of a BLACKPINK concert in Macau, China in 2019. When Jennie had to left the stage due to poor health, the three members also held a microphone to a stuffed bear representing the “SOLO” singer.

The three BLACKPINK members directed their microphones to the spot left for Jisoo

In the final performances of the concert, the BLACKPINK members did the “FLOWER” choreography while performing “As If It’s Your Last”. In the interaction segment with the audience, Jennie and Rosé also sang for Lisa while she danced to the “FLOWER” choreography.

Three members of BLACKPINK carried out the “FLOWER” choreography
Lisa danced to “FLOWER” sung by Jennie and Rosé

Moreover, according to a concertgoer, almost every 5 minutes, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa screamed Jisoo’s name. They said that they missed her so much and even joked that Jisoo might be sneezing nonstop because of them.

Finally, while Jisoo was absent, YG still played a video of Jisoo’s “FLOWER” performance when it was her time to perform, drawing applause from the fans.

A replayed clip of Jisoo at the Osaka concert
YG played a message asking fans to sing along
Jisoo’s performance was broadcast on the LED screen

Source: K14 

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