BLACKPINK fans shower SEVENTEEN Dino in praise after viral “Shut Down” cover

On March 10th, Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN held the first night of their special fanmeeting “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND”, drawing huge attention. However, in addition to CARATs (fans of SEVENTEEN), another fandom, particularly BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK), are also showing their interest. 


In particular, at this fanmeeting, SEVENTEEN not only delivered outstanding performances of their songs, but also showed excellent covers of songs from other artists. 

This is because the group separated into smaller teams to have a “game session”, where the losers are “punished” to perform songs that don’t fit each member of SEVENTEEN. 


In the case of SEVENTEEN member Dino, he was deemed “ill-fitted” for BLACKPINK’s latest title, “Shut Down”. As a result, when his team lost, Dino danced along to the song.

Seeing Dino’s cover, fans of BLACKPINK was deeply impressed, seeing that Dino never missed a single move, and rocked his body to the melody of “Shut Down” excellently. His expressions were also good, to the point many joked that he’s the “secret 5th member of BLACKPINK”. 


Previously in the 2022 Caratland, Dino also gained attention with his cover of Lisa’s “LALISA”, where he also perfectly slayed the performance. 

As of the moment, Dino’s cover of “Shut Down” is going viral on media platform Twitter, with CARATs and BLINKs alike showering the male idol in praise.

Source: koreaboo

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