BLACKPINK dominates the 10 most viewed girl group MVs in YouTube history

BLACKPINK is a hit name in Korea. The girls get an enthusiastic reception from dominating the entire top 10 most viewed K-pop girl group music videos in YouTube history.

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop. The girls continuously set new records for each comeback and were dubbed “Queen of YouTube” for owning a series of MVs with huge views.

BLACKPINK is dominating all the top spots in the chart of the most viewed K-pop girl group MVs in YouTube history. Fans have to be so proud when positions from No.1 to No.10 belonged to YG’s “golden girls”.

Currently, the MV “DDU-DU DDU-DU” has reached more than 1.6 billion views and is at the top of the list. Second place is “Kill This Love” with 1.3 billion views. “BOOMBAYAH” took third place with 1.2 billion views. 4th place is “As If It’s Your Last” with 1 billion views.

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The most recent comeback “How You Like That” ranked 5th with 906 million views. More surprising in 6th place is the dance performance video of “How You Like That” with 751 million views.

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6th place belongs to dance performance video How You Like That.  Jennie’s song SOLO also ranked 7th with 682 million views.  Whistle with 673 million views entered the top 8. Meanwhile, “Playing With Fire” with the addictive melody reached 663 million views, closing the list at No. 9.

BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream MV (featuring Selena Gomez), which was released less than a year ago on August 28, 2020 has surpassed 589.3 million views and 16 million likes so far.

Moreover, with an impressive achievement, MV “Ice Cream” has surpassed the number of views of TWICE’s MV TT.  Previously, the MV of 9 JYP girls held the 10th position in the top 10 videos of the Kpop girl group with the most views in YouTube history with 589.2 million views.

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Besides, BLACKPINK is also dominating the most viewed girl group music videos worldwide in YouTube history.  The rankings of the MVs are respectively:

  •  3. DDU-DU DDU-DU
  • 4. Kill This Love
  • 6. As If Its Your Last
  • 7. How You Like That
  • 9. How You Like That dance performance
  • 10. SOLO
  • 11. Whistle
  • 12. Playing With Fire
  • 14. Ice Cream

Not only on YouTube, BLACKPINK is also the most-streamed girl group on Spotify.  In the first half of 2021, the girls dominated the Spotify platform with more than a billion streams, bringing the group’s total streams to a whopping 5.4 billion.  This is also the milestone marking the 12th consecutive month that 4 YG girls have become the most-streamed girl group on Spotify since June 2020.

With these impressive achievements, BLACKPINK is proving their strong influence.  The girls are expected to continue to shine when their careers are on the upswing with impressive music products.  It is no exaggeration to say that currently, no Kpop girl group can beat BLACKPINK’s achievements.

Source: Yan

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