BLACKPINK becomes first Kpop Artist to reach 85 million subscribers on YouTube 

Famous girl group BLACKPINK continues to create new records on video platform YouTube. 

BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel just crossed the milestone of 85 million subscribers on the platform. It is an impressive achievement in the music field set by the YG girl group. In particular, with this achievement, BLACKPINK is the first Korean music act to reach 85 million subscribers in the history of YouTube. 


Most notably, BLACKPINK hit the new milestone without having released any new music work this year, continuing their reputation of a un wavering fame despite their long-term absence from the field. The accomplishment shows the status of the YG girl group in the hearts of fans around the world. 

Fans were overjoyed at the news and “BLACKPINK” became the most searched keyword on MelOn.

Moreover, BLACKPINK is also the music artist with the second most viewed channel on YouTube after Justin Bieber. The male Canadian singer has 29,95 billion views while BLACKPINK comes in second with 29,48 billion views. 

When Jisoo debuts as a solo artist in the end of March, fans predict the figures will change and BLACKPINK will soon take over the first place.

Source: K14 

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