Black Pink’s Jisoo ranked first in 2022 ‘The Most Beautiful Woman in the World’

Jisoo, an actress and a member of the Korean girl group ‘Blackpink’, was selected as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’.

According to Nubia Magazine, a British entertainment media on the 20th (local time), Jisoo was selected as the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ as a result from the five-month voting in 116 countries, Jisoo was selected as the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’.


Netizens from Korea, Japan, the United States, Spain, Mexico, and Thailand participated in the vote, and Jisoo received 500,000 votes from a total of 98 countries. In particular, the majority of votes were found in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and South Korea.


Jisoo debuted as a BLACKPINK member in 2016 and is working as a lead vocalist. She is also famous for showing off her stable live performance with a low and medium-pitched voice.

jisoo MC

In addition, she has recently played the leading role of Eun Young-ro in the drama “Snowdrop,” and has worked as a global ambassador for Cartier. In addition, Jisoo is set to make a full comeback with BlackPink in August.


Meanwhile, TWICE’s Tzuyu came in second and BLACKPINK’s Lisa came in third.

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