Bizarre reasons on which songs by YG idols are banned 

KBS draws attention for banning YG songs based on strange grounds. 

Recently, the MV “PINK VENOM” by BLACKPINK was banned from airing on KBS. The station said that the song violated existing law when the group indirectly promoted brand products. Specifically, “PINK VENOM” referred to two famous brands in their 2 lines, “Waving the coco (Chanel)” and “I’m still in Celine (Celine)”. The decision saddened fans and, at the same time, made some portions skeptical of the questionable regulations of the broadcast station. 

Fans expressed regrets for “PINK VENOM”. (Image: Kpopping) 

In 2019, BLACKPINK made a grand comeback with “Kill This Love”. However, the MV was banned for a surprising reason. The station stated that the MV contained an image violating the Road Traffic Act. 

The shot in the MV “Kill This Love” contained an image that violated the Road Traffic Act. (Image: Screenshot from YouTube BLACKPINK) 

In Rosé’s solo scene, the idol was acting in a high-speed driving scene without wearing her seatbelt. Moreover, the scene where the idol stood in the middle of the road while a car was heading her way was another cause for the ban on “Kill This Love”. 

Rosé’s shots were the primary reason the MV was banned. (Image: Screenshot from YouTube BLACKPINK) 

“Fxxk It” by BIGBANG was also flagged from airing because of “inappropriate” lyrics. KBS said that the song contained the phrase “yangachi” meaning a “thug”, causing the song to be “erased” from broadcast due to negative connotation that might affect the audience. “We Like 2 Party” by Zutter and BIGBANG suffered from the same penalty. Facing these bans issued by KBS, YG stood their ground and announced they would not change to a more appropriate language in order to be aired. 

“Fxxk It” was penalized for “inappropriate” lyrics. (Image: Screenshot from YouTube BIGBANG) 

AKMU was confronted with a similar, ironic situation when they received a ban from KBS. The station regarded the “Galaxy” in their song as indirect advertisement for the famous Samsung smartphone’s Galaxy series. 

AKMU used the word “Galaxy” in their song. (Image: Pinterest)

The ban imposed on “I’m Busy” by 2NE1 is, by far, the most controversial case. The station said that the use of the word “babo” in Korean meant “foolish”, going against the regulations of the station. 

The song “I’m Busy” was banned for using the word “babo”. (Image: YG Entertainment)

“Everyday” by WINNER was welcomed by the listeners with open arms. However, KBS believed the song did not pass the censorship round. Specifically, the song used the word “lotto”, which supposedly and implicitly encouraged young people to participate in illegal gambling. 

winner, everyday
“Everyday” by WINNER was banned for using the word “lotto”. (Image: Chụp Screenshot from YouTube WINNER)

During the time of activities under YG, PSY released the MV “Gentleman”, a global buzzworthy song. However, the song was also banned in its home country. 

KBS banned MV “Gentleman” for its first shot. (Image: Screenshot from YouTube officialpsy) 

In the first shot of the MV, PSY kicked a traffic cone that said “No Parking”, which was regarded as vandalism and deemed unfit to be aired. 

PSY’s kicking the traffic cone with the phrase “No Parking”. (Image: Screenshot from YouTube officialpsy) 

While censorship is necessary and encouraged, KBS is confusing Kpop fans for banning songs by YG idols on absurd grounds.

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