“Big Mouth” Lee Jong-seok was murdered? Im Yoon-ah has blood cancer? What will happen to them?

Lee Jong-seok was shot by Jung Jae-sung in “Big Mouth”.

In the new episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth”, which aired on September 10th, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) fell into the trap planned by Park Yoon-gap (Jung Jae-sung) and got shot. 

Ko Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah) and Ko Gi-kwang (Lee Ki-young) found out that Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon) had already changed his identity. Choi Do-ha was the grandson of director Jo, who was killed by Kang Seong-geun (Jeon Guk-hwan). Knowing Choi Do-ha approached Kang Seong-geun with a new identity, Park Chang-ho concluded, “I’m going to take revenge. There is no other reason”.

Park Chang-ho, who decided to attend Kang Seong-geun’s birthday party, left after receiving a call from Park Yoon-gap. Park Yoon-gap then called Choi Do-ha, saying “Park Chang-ho is going to die soon”.

Kim Seong-geun said to Ko Mi-ho, “There is something special about Park Chang-ho”. When Kim Seong-geun asked, “What are you going to do to help me?”, Ko Mi-ho laughed and said, “If you want to know my answer, can you help me with the Mayor election?”.

Ko Mi-ho said to Kang Seong-geun, “I raised him on my back”. She added, “I took care of the test, but he had a hard time while he was in prison not long ago. To this extent, don’t you think I’m raising him on my back?”, making Kang Seong-geun laugh out loud because of her wit.

Park Chang-ho was caught by Park Yoon-gap. Park Yoon-gap sent Choi Do-ha a video of him pointing a gun at Park Chang-ho. Park Chang-ho said, “Your boss Choi Do-ha killed him. Wake up Park Yoon-gap!!!”. “Choi Do-ha doesn’t trust you! You’re going to suffer the same thing!”, he shouted but was eventually shot by Park Yoon-gap.

Watching the video of Park Chang-ho getting shot, Choi Do-ha laughed loudly. He came to see Park Yoon-gap and talked about cleaning up Park Chang-ho. However, Kang Seong-geun was also watching this scene. It was a trick planned by Park Yoon-gap and Park Chang-ho. Kang Seong-geun said, “I’ll deal with it in my own way”, and called Choi Do-ha in. He then told Park Chang-ho, “Whatever you do, it will all come true”.

No one, including his close aides Jerry (Kwak Dong-yeon) but also Sun-tae (Oh Eui-shik), Ko Mi-ho and Ko Gi-kwang, knew Park Chang-ho’s plan. Ko Mi-ho thought Park Chang-ho was dead for real. “You killed him!”, she grabbed Choi Do-ha by his collar then cried and collapsed. 

Later, at Sun-tae’s resentment, Park Chang-ho said, “Choi Do-ha is done. Chairman Kang already into me”. He then apologized to Ko Mi-ho, who had already fainted.

Kang Seong-geun felt pain in his heart while waiting for Choi Do-ha. At this moment, Choi Do-ha appeared and said, “Your wealth should have belonged to me and my grandfather. My grandfather couldn’t even scream out of pain. So feel the pain, too”. Choi Do-ha had already made Kang Seong-geun’s secretary a person on his side. The two took Kang Seong-geun’s last will from the safe.

Park Chang-ho, who thought Choi Do-ha was already done, was surprised by Kang Seong-geun’s death. Knowing that Choi Do-ha killed him, Park Chang-ho went to the funeral hall and whispered in Choi Do-ha’s ear, “I know you killed him. I’ll reveal your evil face”.

In the meantime, Ko Mi-ho felt something wrong with her body. While brushing her teeth, she bled and even had a nosebleed. Ko Mi-ho was in shock as she recalled the symptoms of blood cancer that the prisoners had. 

The viewers were all shocked at the continuous plot twists. The reacted, “Not Mi-ho”, “Park Chang-ho’s show was stolen”, “We got fooled again, again and again”, “Not Mi-ho, please”, etc.

“Big Mouth” tells the story of a lawyer with 10% winning rate who accidentally got caught up in a murder case and became the genius conman Big Mouse. He has to dig into the bare face of the privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy to survive and protect his family. Against the backdrop of Gucheon City, the wealthy city that hides many conspiracies behind its beautiful appearance, “Big Mouth” depicts fierce battles. Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seo) and his wife Ko Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah) fight desperately to survive. MBC’s drama “Big Mouth” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m.

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