BIBI earned a hefty sum by writing lyrics for TWICE’s “More & More”

Singer and actress BIBI confessed that she made a good profit by writing the lyrics for TWICE’s “More & More.”

On May 26th, on the web entertainment show “My Alcohol Diary”, BIBI, who entered the Cannes International Film Festival with the movie “Hwaran”, made her appearance. 


Prior to a drinking session, singer Lee Young Ji told BIBI, “I’m worried you might go out of control.” To this, BIBI honestly revealed that she had several experiences where she almost got screwed up. “When I drink a lot, I become more affectionate. I (would) huge somebody and I adore them”, she shared, drawing laughter.


Later on, Lee Young Ji mentioned that guests who appeared in “My Alcohol Diary” have been mostly idols, and that most of them feel comfortable on the show, since they don’t often use profanities or slang. 

However, for BIBI, things might get “dangerous”, and BIBI herself confessed, “I actually got a call during season 1 (of ‘My Alcohol Diary’), (but) I made lots of tongue slips..”


On the other hand, BIBI wrote the lyrics for popular songs such as TWICE’s “More & More” and Choi Yena’s “Smiley”. When Lee Young Ji asked if “More & More” was worth writing, BIBI answered, “Yeah, (I received) very much money. It was so good”, adding, “I still bow toward the direction of JYP company”

Source: Nate

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