5 easy-to-purchase items BLACKPINK Rosé always carries around

BLACKPINK Rosé recently reveals the affordable essentials that she regularly carries around.

Recently, BLACKPINK Rosé joined an interview with Vogue France. In the video, the singer shared some of her favorite affordable essentials that she frequently carries around in her Saint Laurent bag. These everyday items bring Rosé closer to fans, in terms of purchaseability and utility. 


Blotting paper

Rosé admits that she always has to face the possibility of being photographed on the street every time she goes out. Therefore, to get ready, she’ll carry sheets of blotting papers to absorb all the residual oil on her face. The “On The Ground” singer also revealed she preferred the powdered kind because it worked better.

Safety pins

Rosé always comes onstage prepared by carrying around a set of safety pins. Therefore, the singer can never be threatened by a wardrobe malfunction.

This affordable, small item makes Rosé’s clothes look and feel more solid, especially when she accidentally buys oversized pants.


Acne patches

Along with her blotting paper, Rosé is always photogenic thanks to her acne patches. She happily shared that she was eager to order the item when she found it online as it made pimple popping a bit more fun.

Seasoning sauce packs

If the food isn’t spicy enough, Rosé is prepared. She humorously revealed that she took the seasoning packs everywhere to add the sauce to the dishes when they were not spicy enough.


With wireless headphones growing in popularity, Rosé keeps it classic by using a pair of good old wired headphones. The “GONE” singer keeps her wiredheadphones in a case clipped to her purse so that she never forgets them.

Source: k14 

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