“Best body in the entertainment industry” Kim Jong-kook reveals his surprising “reversal” diet

Singer Kim Jong-kook drew attention by unveiling his “reversal” diet.

On April 14th, Kim Jong-kook uploaded a video titled “This person is the one… (Feat. Kim Gye-ran, Calobye)” on his YouTube channel “Kim Jong-kook GYM JONG KOOK”. On this day, Kim Jong-kook met popular exercise YouTuber Kim Gye-ran.

Kim Jong-kook said, “I will tell you how I live, how I eat and how I keep up my fitness routine.”

He insisted, “People have so many concerns regarding fitness. But workout should be your priority. And feel free to eat whatever you want. If you eat a bit of fat then exercise later to burn those calories.”

kim jong kook

He set forth, “One of the things I keep emphasizing ever since I started this channel is ‘Don’t live an obsessed life that limits you’. Don’t isolate yourself.”

Kim Jong-kook took out his cell phone and began to reveal his diet in earnest. He shared, “Yesterday and today, I ate Handon jeyuk bokkeum, dakgalbi, Special Kimchi Stew. 1:08 at noon, I ate one flatfish and yukhoe. Noon 12:13 early morning, I ate a bowl of instant rice and 280g of yukhoe.”

kim jong kook

He continued, “Then I ate a Subway sandwich, Subway Oven Roasted Chicken 30cm, and then I ate jeyuk bokkeum again. Next, I ate a pork belly lunchbox. Dak gangjeong comes next! Another yukhoe. Chicken skewers at one in the morning. At 1:50 noon, I ate lamb skewers. I also ordered bibimbap and dakbal.”

He went on to say, “I’m into sundaeguk these days. But I leave out the sundae and eat it with meat only. Recently, I even ate it three times a day.”

kim jong kook

Lastly, he added, “I was once obsessed with calories and ate chicken breast with eggs all the time. But compared to that time, my body feels way better now.”

Members of the online community FM Korea left comments such as “I think it’s important to exercise hard if you have enough protein and nutrients”, “No wonder he said ‘Let’s cook ramen’ on Running Man these days” and “Now I’ll just eat what I want”.

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