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Bernard Park on “Cultwo Show”: Giving up his U.S citizenship to enlist in the military → Losing 18kg 

Bernard Park and Ulala Session gave updates on their recent status and talked about music.

SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on September 15th, featured singer Lee Hong-ki as the special DJ as well as Benard Park and Ulala Session as guests in its “Special Live” section.

Welcoming the guests, Kim Tae-kyun said, “Surprisingly, I only invited people from audition programs to the radio today”. Ulala Session is the winner of Mnet’s “Superstar K 3” in 2011, while Bernard Park won SBS’s “K-pop Star Season 3” in 2014. While introducing Ulala Session, member Park Seung-il also boasted that he got married in June.

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Revealing how Choi Do-won joined the team late in 2015, Kim Myung-hoon said, “We performed and hung out together when we were unknown singers. I found him so talented so I told him to join the audition and we ended up becoming teammates”. Choi Do-won belatedly expressed his feelings about becoming a member of Ulala Session, saying “It was such a good opportunity”.

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Bernard Park used to work under the name Nakjoon for a while but later changed his name to Bernard Park again. Regarding the reason he changed his activity name, Bernard Park said, “People don’t often call me Nakjoon”, drawing laughter. Lee Hong-ki and Kim Tae-kyun wondered why Bernard Park lost too much weight, and Bernard Park was so surprised when the DJs showed his past photos on the screen. 

When asked how many kilograms he lost compared the when he took the photos, Bernard Park said, “That was when my body was heaviest, probably 90kg. Now I weigh about 72,73kg”. Upon hearing that, Lee Hong-ki exclaimed, “You lost almost 20kg”.

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The music video of Bernard Park’s new song “All Day” recently drew attention as it was made as an animation. Bernard Park shared, “I like watching animations, so making an animated music video had been on my bucket list since a long time ago”, adding “I knew it was expensive but I begged my company to do it.

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In addition, Bernard Park is also known to have given up his U.S citizenship and enlisted in the military. Bernard Park, who completed his military service in Goseong, Gangwon-do, said, “It was very cold and it snowed for a long time. I also saw forest fire twice while serving in the military. The first one was put off right away but the second one was so big that we almost had to evacuate”, telling some stories of his military life. Bernard Park also revealed that his Korean improved while spending time in the army and even got perfect score for shooting.

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