Being relatable with the general public, this song needs to be added in the list of Kpop national hits!

The song released earlier this year has become immensely popular among people regardless of age and gender.

Recently, a cover video clip of the hit song “Love Scenario” has been posted on the Internet. Even in just 3-minute length, the clip revealed the intense popularity of this sweet love song “Love Scenario” was sung along by the entire nation.

ikon, love scenario

iKON’s “LOVE SCENARIO” first reached #1 on MelOn chart on January 25th, 2018. From then on until March 8th (43 days), it remained at the top of the chart refusing to come down!

Many people assume that Kpop music is only for the teenager. Nevertheless, “Love scenario” has proved that music overcomes age discrimination. In the clip, not only teenagers but also the elders and children were humming along to this addictive melody.

It can be said that “Love Scenario” assisted iKon earning lots notable achievements on the charts. After 6 months of release, the attraction of the song hasn’t reduced yet. On the contrary, it is becoming more and more famous.

The sweet and jubilant melody of “Love scenario” appeared literally everywhere: from variety shows, the radio, convenience stores, karaoke, from inside cars to the class… Children even used the lyrics to iKON’s “Love Scenario” to practice their Hangul. The surprising popularity and fame helped “Love scenario” deserveing to be in the list of Kpop national hits

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