BamBam shed tears after refusing his ‘rip-off cart friend’ for the first time (Business Genius Baeksajang)

BamBam succeeded in rejecting the cart man who ripped off his money.

In the third episode of tvN’s variety show “Business Genius Baeksajang” aired on April 16th, Bam Bam finally escaped from the friend who ripped off his money.


The “50 Dirhams cart” friend reappeared in front of BamBam when he was doing grocery shopping with Lee Jang Woo. The man naturally parked his cart near them. Lee Jang Woo refused his offer but he did not go away. After making eye contact with his cart friend, BamBam eventually rejected him, saying “I’m fine for today”.


BamBam, who succeeded in turning down the offer for the first time, then reported to Baek Jong Won, “He came again, but I refused him”. In response, Baek Jong Won asked, “Did you talk to him? Telling him it was expensive? Or saying you got scolded by your dad?”. BamBam replied, “I just said I wouldn’t receive his offer today”.


Later, while cutting the spicy ingredients, BamBam’s tears came out uncontrollably so he jokingly commented, “I just parted ways with my friend. Seems like I’m very sad about that”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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