BamBam feels betrayed by a friend who ripped off his money, “It turns out that he’s a rich guy” 

BamBam expressed his feelings of betrayal about a friend who ripped off his money.

Episode 2 of tvN’s variety show “Business Genius Baeksajang”, which aired on April 9th, continued showing BamBam hanging out with a friend whom he made with money.


That day, BamBam warmly greeted his friend who came to meet him for 50 Dirhams. That friend took BamBam to a clothing store, saying “This store is nice”. It seems like he wanted to sell expensive-looking clothes to BamBam. This time, BamBam indirectly refused his friend’s request, saying “I’ll come back later”.


Later, BamBam asked the production team, “This guy is rich, right? He even has a store”, expressing his sense of betrayal. BamBam inevitably paid the “friend” fee and the meat they ordered.

After returning to the accommodation, BamBam said to Baek Jong Won and Lee Jang Woo, “That friend turns out to be a rich guy”. In response, Baek Jong Won jokingly said, “He becomes rich thanks to you. He buys it with the money he earns from you”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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