“Bad Prosecutor” won the same timeslot for two consecutive episodes, Do Kyung-soo’s ending raised the rating to 6.7%

KBS-2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bad Prosecutor” (written by Lim Young-bin, directed by Kim Sung-ho) topped the same timeslot for the second consecutive time.

The second episode of “Bad Prosecutor” aired on Oct 6th. This episode recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 5% (based on Nielsen Korea among paid households).

The highest viewer rating per minute soared to 6.7%, ranking first in the same time slot for the second consecutive time, showing off its unusual popularity right from the start.

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In the broadcast on this day, Jin Jung (played by Do Kyung-soo) was demoted to a civil service room that forced disobedient prosecutors to resign.

Jin Jung secretly investigated the “murder of Park Ye-young in Seocho-dong” with Lee Chul-ki (played by Yeon Joon-seok), who volunteered to move to a different department to follow him. In the meantime, they got their hand on the person involved in the case.

bad prosecutor

Baek Eun-ji (played by Joo Bo-young), a retired hacker from the organization, was summoned to investigate Yoo Jin-chul (played by Shin Seung-hwan). They then found a folder called “Seocho-dong Park Ye-young.”

The folder contained a photo of Deputy Prosecutor Lee Jang-won (Choi Kwang-il) and Park Ye-young together. However, Yoo Jin-cheol suddenly disappeared.

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The ending was undoubtedly thrilling. Jin Jung appeared at the inauguration ceremony of Lee Jang-won, the chief prosecutor of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office. “This is an emergency arrest as you are a leading suspect in the Seocho-dong murder case,” he said, signaling a truth revelation coming up. 

Meanwhile, ”Bad Prosecutor” is an action investigation drama where a prosecutor goes all out to punish corrupt officials who harm this society. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 p.m.

Source: dispatch

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