“If I do this, you might faint” The best scene in episode 1 of EXO D.O.’s “Bad Prosecutor”

Singer-actor Do Kyung-soo made everyone laugh as he was completely possessed by his character.

Do Kyung-soo played the role of prosecutor Jin Jeong in KBS-2TV’s “Bad Prosecutor“, which premiered on Oct 5th.

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Jin Jeong is a person who does not hesitate to take expedient measures when it comes to punishing bad people. In 2002, when he was an elementary school student, he saw his life’s first injustice and decided to become a prosecutor.

On this day, he was assigned a murder case in Seocho-dong. Suspect Kim Hyo-jun (played by Lee Woo-sung), who was a delivery man, confessed that he killed victim Park Ye-young.

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However, after carefully examining the contents of the report, he felt doubts. This is because the suspect was left-handed, but the fingerprint found on the weapon was of the right hand.

Eventually, Jin Jeong, who met the detective in charge of the case, found a car sales contract on his office desk and raised suspicions.

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Later, Jin Jeong made an unexpected twist in the process of kidnapping the detective, who was about to leave work.

Jin Jeong said, “Get in. I don’t have time. Hurry up.” He then put the detective in the passenger seat of the car and threw a punch.

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The detective, who lowered his head as if he had collapsed, immediately came to his senses. He asked “What’s this?” and grabbed Jin Jeong by the collar.

Jin Jeong, who was bewildered, said, “Why don’t you pass out? Grab it. Strangle me. Hey, if I hit your chin, you might faint.”

Viewers are reacting explosively to the comical setting and the actors’ passionate performance.

Source: dispatch

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