“Bad and Crazy” ratings gradually dropped despite receiving favorable reviews after episode 1

“Bad and Crazy”, the drama which had been well received since the first broadcast, was put in an unexpected situation.

bad and crazy rating
bad and crazy

According to Nielsen Korea on Jan 2nd, episode 6 of tvN’s drama “Bad and Crazy“, which aired on Jan 1st, recorded a nationwide rating of 2.6%. This is its lowest rating.

Bad and Crazy” successfully finished its first broadcast on Dec 17th with 4.5%. After episode 1, various SNS as well as online communities’ users responded that it was fun and worth watching.

However, “Bad and Crazy,” which had remained in the 3.x% rating range since then, fell to the 2.x% range on January 1st, facing an unexpected decline in ratings. 

bad and crazy rating

Regarding this, netizens are having mixed responses. Some say, “This is really fun,” “I like the story development because it’s fast,” and “I’ll keep watching,” “The content was good,” showing positive reactions.

netizens comments

However, other netizens expressed negative opinions such as “It’s fun, but the ratings aren’t as high as I thought,” “Only the first episode is fun and the others are not,” and “The trend of its ratings is not good.”

netizens comments

Bad and Crazy,” a hero drama about a person with identity disorder, within whom the talented but “Bad” Soo-yeol meets the good but “Crazy” K, airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:40 p.m.


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