BABYMONSTER Rora wows fans with impressive solo mission video

YG’s rookie girl group BabyMonster impresses with solo mission videos

YG Entertainment has released a cover video of “Someone You Loved” sung by BabyMonster Rora on their official blog on April 9th. This video focuses solely on Rora’s stage performance, as seen on their debut reality show “Last Evaluation”.

Rora’s low-tone voice contrasts with her fresh visuals, and she easily captures the listeners’ hearts with her delicate vocal control and soulful tone. She gradually builds up the immersion with her explosive singing, culminating in an electrifying climax that sends shivers down the listener’s spine.

Rora’s accurate interpretation of the song also shines through, displaying her dedication to the craft. Despite being only 14 years old, she expresses the emotions of separation with a maturity beyond her years. Her passionate performance leaves a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.


BabyMonster is YG’s new girl group, the first since Blackpink’s debut about 7 years ago. The group consists of three Korean members (Ahyeon, Hara, and Rora), two Thai members (Parita and Chikita), and two Japanese members (Ruka and Asa), with a balanced mix of vocals, dance, rap, and visual talents.

Source: Youtube

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