B.I released the first teaser for his 2022 global album project ‘Love or Loved’

Former iKON’s leader – B.I kicks off his global album project in 2022!

B.I released an announcement teaser video announcing the start of his global album project through the official SNS at 00:00 on the 21st.

In the teaser video, a computer equipped with a heart-shaped memory card appears, and the words ‘BI 2022 Global Album Project’, ‘Love or Loved’, and ‘Coming Soon’ are displayed on the monitor in turn, giving information about the global album project.

Also, the keywords ‘Pre Single ?’, ‘EP 1 ?’, and ‘EP 2 ?’ seem to hint at B.I’s plans for this year’s activities. Attention is focused on what kind of music in B.I’s album, raising high expectations.


B.I has been working continuously with domestic and foreign producers and artists for this global album project. B.I’s ‘Love or Loved‘ is expected to unfold with a high degree of perfection with a variety of expandability.

B.I, who started a new leap last year as a solo artist with the release of his first full-length album ‘WATERFALL‘ after 7 years of debut, was the first Asian in the US Grammy’s performance series ‘GRAMMYs Global Spin’ in January, and got a good response as a K-pop artist. He also recently signed a contract with Wasserman, a large American agency through American management Transparent Arts, and has been heralding active global music activities.


Through this, anticipation is gathering for the musical action that B.I, which has imprinted its presence on music fans all over the world, will show in earnest this year.

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