ASTRO’s official account made the first post 1.5 months after Moonbin’s passing, “Long time no see”

ASTRO officially informed fans of the members’ whereabouts more than a month after the passing of member Moonbin.

On June 3rd, ASTRO’s official Twitter account updated the recent status of member JinJin, saying “Long time no see. I gained strength in May thanks to AROHA (ASTRO’s fandom)”, adding, “There are still many performances left, but I’m already grateful for your support. I will continue to do well in the future.”

In addition, they also shared photos of JinJin in the practice room of his musical “Dream High” and his appearance when eating a lunch box.

This is the first time after the passing of the late member Moonbin that ASTRO’s official account made a new post. Moonbin suddenly left the world on April 19th at the age of 25, and ASTRO’s official account had not posted anything since April 17th.

Moonbin’s funeral was held privately on April 22nd according to the bereaved family’s wish. The location of the burial site was also not disclosed.


Moonbin’s sudden passing gave ASTRO members a big shock. Some members, including Cha Eun Woo, have publicly expressed their condolences and longing for their late member. 

On April 22nd, Cha Eun Woo visited the memorial space for Moonbin at the office building of their agency Fantagio and left a heartfelt message, saying “Bin ah. I miss you again tonight, you bad guy. I went for a walk with Sanha and we came here because I couldn’t sleep. Are you sleeping well?”, adding “Why am I missing and regretting everything I did with you, even the smallest things… Be hundreds of times happier in the land of the moon.”


Overcoming the pain of Moonbin’s passing, Cha Eun Woo plans to make a comeback on the small screen. On June 1st, he confirmed his appearance in the new drama “Wonderful World”.

Other members have also returned to their daily lives. The eldest member MJ participated in a military band event at his unit not long ago, while Sanha will hold the video call fanmeeting for Taiwanese fans on the 20th.

Fans are welcoming ASTRO’s updates. One netizen commented, “I still cannot let go of Moonbin yet and  I still feel too overwhelmed to return to my everyday life. But I respect and support the efforts of all ASTRO members who are working so hard.”

In addition, fans felt relieved as they recently witnessed ASTRO members visiting the musical “Dream High”, starring JinJin, together with Moonbin’s younger sister Billlie Moon Sua.

Source: Nate

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