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“As a foreign member with no concept…” Ailee makes candid confession of her debut story

It was revealed that singer Ailee made her debut in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Ailee made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” broadcast on October 20th.

DJ Kim Tae Gyun said, “It’s already the 10th anniversary of Ailee’s debut.Kim Tae Gyun then mentioned KBS2’s drama “Dream High 2”, saying, “Actually, Ailee made her acting debut first.”


Ailee said, “That’s right,” and “I played a member of a female idol group in the drama. She made her debut as a foreign member without a concept.”

Kim Tae Gyun asked, “Why haven’t you acted since then?” Ailee said, “I did. But I think I didn’t act much because I was more greedy with music. I want to try acting again when I get greedy later.” 

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Kim Tae Gyun added that Ailee would be able to do well in musicals as well.

Ailee then confessed, “I can’t do it easily because I’m afraid it’ll be hard if I act or star in a musical while working on music at the same time.” She added, “I received many offers. There were many works that made me regret (turning them down).” 

Source: Nate

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