Ariana Grande hasn’t forgotten the explosion 5 years ago… Christmas presents for young patients

Pop star Ariana Grande has not forgotten the explosion that occurred during her concert in Manchester, England 5 years ago.

According to U.S. media outlet ET’s report on Dec 28th, Ariana Grande recently donated Christmas gifts to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity for patients.

Ariana Grande is known to have been in close contact with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity since the explosion during her concert in 2017.

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The charity thanked Ariana Grande for her Christmas gifts for young patients as well as shared a photo of a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts and a framed note that reads “Thank you Ariana“.

Gifts donated by Ariana Grande will be delivered to infant and adolescent patients hospitalized in hospitals throughout Manchester.

On the other hand, in 2017, a terrorist attack happened after Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. According to eyewitnesses, a bomb exploded near the ticket office of the venue at around 10:35 pm (local time), at the end of the concert. Since audiences were leaving the venue, the damage was heavy, with more than 50 people injured and 22 people killed.

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On the 4th anniversary of the Manchester bombing last year, Ariana Grande posted the names of all the dead on her social media account and wrote, “Although grief is ever present and our relationship to it is constantly evolving and expressing itself in different ways, every day, year round… I know that this anniversary will never be an easy one. Please know that I am thinking of you today.” “Manchester, my heart is with you today and always”, she added.

Source: Daum, People

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