Another staff defends Chuu in the power trip controversy, “I’m really angry at all the lies and media manipulation”

While Chuu’s former agency accused her of power abuse, a staff who worked with Chuu for a CF filming refuted it.

On December 2nd, a staff posted on their own SNS account, saying “It’s already been a year. I spent almost 16 hours with Chuu on the filming for card CF last year”.

They continued, “It was a tough shoot as we had to film from 6 a.m until 2 a.m on the next day, but I remembered forgetting about my tiredness and enjoying the filming. It was all thanks to Chuu. I’m sure that not only me, the director, but all the staff members also probably felt the same way”, adding “As Chuu smiled and spread her bright energy all the time whether when the camera was on or off, we all clapped and cheered for her whenever she appeared and completed her acting”.

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They recalled, “I couldn’t eat well due to the filming. However, I still remember so clearly the lovely appearance of Chuu when she approached after picking up a handful of hot dogs and snacks from the food truck and asked if I wanted to eat anything with a smile.”

The staff added, “I’m really angry at the actions of those unreasonable people, media manipulation, and lies. But maybe good things will come. It is because the ugly faces of those people have been revealed to the world. Many people know and remember what a person you are and they are also cheering for her. I believe that she will overcome this and stand up again”, delivering a supportive message.

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Earlier on November 25th, Blockberry Creative announced the removal of Chuu from the girl group LOONA, claiming that she had power trip behaviors and made abusive language toward staff. 

In response, Chuu made a post on her Instagram, saying “I haven’t been contacted or informed of the situation, so I am trying to figure it out. However, I’m sure that I’ve never done anything that would embarrass my fans”.

Source: Daum

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