Another controversy arose… Re-investigation on Yoo Ah In’s military service exemption is requested

Amid controversies over drug use, Yoo Ah In is expected to be accused of receiving military service privileges.

It has been confirmed that someone recently filed a complaint with the Military Service Investigation Division of the Military Manpower Administration on February 15th, asking “Please investigate whether Yoo Ah In’s military service judgment was carried out through appropriate procedures”.

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Accusing Yoo Ah In of receiving military service privileges, the complainant said, “The prosecution carried out a forensic on the mobile phone of Koo, a military service broker arrested in December last year, and found the possibility of involvement of employees inside the Military Manpower Administration”, adding “I can’t help but to bring up Yoo Ah In’s military service suspicion”.

They continued, “When the suspicion of military service privileges spread in the past, Yoo Ah In’s agency expanded the controversy with an irresponsible attitude as they did not accurately reveal the reason for the actor’s military service exemption”, adding “The news of Military Manpower Administration’s involvement in military service corruption has caused great distrust. That’s why I’m asking for a thorough investigation into whether the judgment of Yoo Ah In’s military service exemption was carried out according to the appropriate procedures to solve public suspicions.”

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In 2015, Kyunghyang Newspaper reported that Yoo Ah In was diagnosed with a bone tumor following the rupture in his right shoulder muscle during a movie filming in 2013. As suspicions and controversies over military evasion arose, Yoo Ah In posted a long article in February 2017 and expressed his willingness to serve in the military.

Later in June 2017, the Military Manpower Administration decided to give Yoo Ah In a military service exemption. The actor’s agency UAA said, “We put the actor’s health problem as the priority and will actively support his treatment”.

Various celebrities, such as volleyball player Cho Jae Sung and rapper Ravi, have recently been accused of military service evasion. The military issue spread to Yoo Ah In because he is currently the center of attention after being investigated on charges of habitually administering Propofol for non-medical purposes.

In fact, one netizen recently posted on an online community, saying “I had similar bone tumors as Yoo Ah In’s. Yoo Ah In has only one tumor on his shoulder, but I have dozens on my body. Like Yoo Ah In’s case, I underwent general anesthesia 4 times and surgeries on areas that could touch nerves or other bones”. 

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He continued, “Yoo Ah In’s health examination came out with the result of Level 5, I was judged as a reservist-duty military service with Level 4”, adding “Yoo Ah In did the physical examination 5 times, but since I’m a non-celebrity, I could only re-examine once. People told me that I could sue if I wanted to do more examinations.”

The netizens continued, “I even talked to the Commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration on the phone but he hung up after saying, ‘Yoo Ah In is Yoo Ah In, and you are you’”, adding “It’s actually a disease without symptoms and it causes no problem to your daily life so you can do active-duty military service if you want to.”

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