An industry insider criticized Lee Min Ho’s acting on TV: Is his new drama worth looking forward to?

Lee Min Ho is an actor who has been active in the Korean entertainment industry for nearly 15 years. Although his popularity is still at the top, his acting performance has always been what concerned netizens the most.

Recently on the show ‘Secret News Room (feat Lee Min Ho)‘, a reporter did not hesitate to claim that Lee Min Ho was still weak in acting, drawing attention from the audience.

Lee Min Ho

Accordingly, on the show, when receiving the question, “Why do you like Lee Min Ho so much?”, a female reporter answered, “Actually, I’m very curious about him. From his acting to his looks. There’s nothing he can’t do. When I watch Lee Min Ho on the screen, I can’t take my eyes off him because he has such a strong charm.”

At the same time, a male journalist countered, “But there still has to be problems, such as his weak acting skills. But I have to admit that he has a very eye-catching appearance that even men are jealous of. Lee Min Ho is very tall and handsome. He looks like a character in a romantic novel.”

In 2022, Lee Min Ho will return to the small screen through the leading role in web drama ‘Pachinko‘. Fans are eagerly waiting for his performance in this highly anticipated project.

Pachinko‘ is a drama about a Korean family of four generations, set during the Japanese occupation of Korea and the beginning of World War II. The family members have overcome many difficulties of life, fluctuations of the times, and experienced many losses. Lee Min Ho plays a Korean man who cannot easily bow to fate and rise up in the difficult years of his life.

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