An extended version of Suzy’s drama “Anna” will be released this August to repay the viewers’ love

Coupang Play series “Anna” will return with an extended version.

Anna” has been confirmed to return with an extended version in August to thank the viewers for their enthusiastic love and support. This drama tells about a woman who begins to live a completely different life because of her small lie.

“Anna”, which is set to release its last episode on July 8th, has gained huge love and compliments from drama fans for its impressive material, unpredictable story developments and unique characters. 


In particular, Suzy successfully portrayed how her character changes drastically in 20 years from her late teens until her late 30s with her delicate and dense emotional acting. Jung Eun-chae also proved her strong presence as an actress. Kim Joon-han showed three-dimensional acting as a villain, while Park Ye-young conveyed warm emotions through the story in the drama. The passionate acting performances and amazing synergy of the actors with solid acting skills have attracted huge attention.

The extended version, which was decided to be introduced to repay the viewers’ explosive responses, is expected to reveal in more detail the stories as well as fierce battles between the characters: Anna (Suzy), Hyun-joo (Jung Eun-chae), Ji-hoon (Kim Joon-han) and Ji-won (Park Ye-young). 

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