An “Eden” female participant who captivated men’s hearts with “appearance resembling Han So-hee + perfect body” from her first appearance

Sun Ji-hyun, a cast member of the dating reality show “Eden”, showed off her beautiful visuals to the fullest.

On June 14th, iHQ’s “Eden” was first broadcast.

Seon Ji-hyun

On this day, male cast members Lee Seung-jae, Kim Chul-min, Lee Jung-hyun, Yang Ho-seok and female cast members Sun Ji-hyun, Kim Joo-yeon, Lee Yu-na, Kim Na-yeon were revealed.

With everyone boasting excellent looks, Sun Ji-hyun especially attracted many people’s attention.

Seon Ji-hyun

Sun Ji-hyun, who appeared in a purple swimsuit, aroused cheers from viewers with her amazing beauty from the first appearance.

MC Simeez said, “She looks so much like Lee Sun-bin.” MC Lee Hong-ki shouted, “Han So-hee.”

Lee Seung-jae said, “She has a very small face. It’s no joke. She’s tall and her body ratio is great.”

Seon Ji-hyun

Kim Chul-min and Yang Ho-seok expressed good feelings for Sun Ji-hyun, who has a pretty face and perfect body.

Sun Ji-hyun showed her seductive charm by wearing a stylish black dress at the welcome party.

Seon Ji-hyun

Lee Hong-ki once again admired, “Her side face looks completely like Han So-hee.”

Seon Ji-hyun

Meanwhile, “Eden” is a program in which 8 ordinary men and women find true love by reasoning each other’s conditions one by one without knowing each other’s age and wealth. It airs every Tuesday at 10:30 PM.

Source: insight

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