An American actress is bashed for trying to make use of BTS’s fame on the red carpet

BTS seemed happy taking photo with Sofia Carson but fans are not happy about this moment.

Recently, BTS is at the center of attention once again for their appearance at the Billboard Music Awards 2019. As the hottest boy group in the world, their every moment was captured by the journalists. Asides from compliments and congrats, fans are quite upset about an incident happened on the red carpet.

Specifically, when BTS was posing in front of the medias, actress Sofia Carson suddenly stepped on stage and asked: “Will it be okay if I join you guys?”. BTS welcomed her but their fans are not happy about this.

The video of this incident has received more than 1,5 million views on Twitter.

BTS’s fans are saying that Sofia Carson shouldn’t have joined that moment because the media was still focusing on the boy group. Some are even criticizing the move where this actress of “Descendants” touched J-Hope’s shoulder. Most of the comments said that this born-in-1993 actress is trying to use BTS’s name for fame.

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Some opinion on Twitter: “It would have been fine if they know each other, but the fact that they don’t make it seems inappropriate and rude”, “There’s nothing wrong when someone wants to take a picture with you, but if you suddenly appear out of nowhere and pose next to someone ou don’t know, it’s rude and inappropriate”, “This is rude. The way she touched J-Hope upsets me”, “Her sudden appearance couldn’t be more weird”, “What Sofia Carson need to understand is what if a man suddenly appear and put his hand on her while she is taking a photo, would she feel safe and comfortable? That’s exactly what she was doing with J-Hope”,…

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