An actress with such excellent beauty during her school days that she made all students stand in line to see her 

Song Ji Hyo has been famous for her outstanding appearance since her school days. 

During a TV show appearance, singer Young Ji, Song Ji Hyo’s middle school classmate, said, “The day Song Ji Hyo transferred from another school, all the students stood in line in the hallway to watch her.”

Song Ji Hyo, whose mesmerizing beauty has stood out ever since she was a student, has topped the ‘Best Natural Beauty’ rankings multiple times. She is loved by fans and the public for her unadorned goddess-like beauty.

song ji hyo school days

Song Ji Hyo’s school days were also mentioned in “Running Man”. When Yoo Jae Suk asked, “Wasn’t Ji Hyo popular (during school days)?” Song Ji Hyo replied, “I’m not sure about that because I didn’t go on a blind date, meeting, or things like that.”

In response to Song Ji Hyo’s humble answer, Haha made everyone laugh by saying, “Popular kids are often not aware that they are popular.”

Song Ji-hyo

Thanks to her striking visuals, before acting, Song Ji Hyo debuted in 2001 as a model on the cover of the magazine Kiki. Last year, she proved her popularity by receiving the RET Popularity Award at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards. 

Source: daum

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