An actress neck-to-neck with Suzy in terms of visuals, used to be Lee Min Ho’s “fiancée”

In the K-drama “Anna”, this actress boasts an appearance just as outstanding as Suzy, who’s nicknamed the “nation’s first love”. 

Anna” marks an impressive return of idol-actress Suzy, 2 years after starring in the K-drama “Start Up”. In this latest work, Suzy assumes the role of Yoo Mi, a talented and gorgeous student who was born to a poor family. However, Yoo Mi encountered various hardships in life and got into troubles due to her lying habits, which eventually led to her becoming the housekeeper of Anna, a rich woman. Via the series, Suzy boasts an impressive range of expressions, and is highly praised for her acting performance, which has greatly improved throughout the years.

However, alongside Suzy, actress Jung Eun Chae, who plays the real rich lady Anna, also manages to shine. In the series, Yoo Mi was Anna’s servant who was mistreated greatly, and so decided to assume Anna’s identity and seek better chances for herself. As “Anna”, Yoo Mi started to climb up the social ladder, eventually marrying into a real rich family.

As the real Anna, Jung Eun Chae impresses the audience with her sharp and eye-catching visuals and cold aura, making her a perfect fit to play rich characters. Therefore, the actress shines even brighter in the luxurious clothes and makeup of Anna, and even manages to overwhelm Suzy from time to time. The actress’ high nose bridge, deep eyes, and sexy lips are also very distinctive, helping her to stand out in every frame.

Unfortunately, despite her spectacular appearance, Jung Eun Chae hasn’t got much luck in terms of popularity. The actress debuted over 10 years ago, and yet still receives mostly supporting and second lead roles. She only started to gain attention after playing the second female lead Goo Seo Ryung in “The King: Eternal Monarch”, who was the fianceé of Lee Min Ho’s character. Even in this show, Jung Eun Chae was said to have flaunted the most gorgeous look, making her almost the perfect couple with Lee Min Ho, until the female lead appeared. 

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