Amid Series Of Celebrities’ Drug Scandals, This Male Singer Talked About How He Quit Using Drugs

Taiwanese singer R.Chord stopped smoking cannabis after releasing a new song as a gift for his daughter

On October 25th (local time), R.Chord released the new single “Be Your Supporter” and explained that it was a present for his daughter on her first birthday.

According to the media outlet 8world, R.Chord said he felt responsible when hearing the word “Dad”. He said, “From being a boy who is not afraid of anything to becoming a father, I could feel the weight of that”, adding “I don’t know what would happen to me again, so I quit smoking. I also stopped using cannabis”.

The male singer then expressed affection for his daughter, saying “Because I have someone else other than my wife to care for”.

Holding his daughter in his arms, R.Chord explained that he changed from being an “arrogant father” to a “baby father”. He shared, “Since I have to make cute noises to put my daughter to sleep, I’ve become more patient and my bipolar disorder has also been cured”.

Revealing parenting stories, R.Chord’s wife said, “After becoming parents, we often feel hurry. When our daughter goes to sleep, she always grabs her dad’s armpit hair. R.Chord sometimes wakes up screaming in pain”, adding “Even when he opened our daughter’s diaper, he screamed but immediately laughed and bathed out baby. At that moment, I realized that the man in front of me was the right person for marriage”

R.Chord couldn’t hide his excitement when announcing the news of his wife’s second pregnancy, saying he had even decided the baby’s name.

Source: Nate

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