Amid reunion rumors with Dawn, Hyuna celebrates her 16th debut anniversary, “I’m practicing talking about how I feel”

Staying silent about rumors of her reunion with ex-lover Dawn, singer HyunA confessed her thoughts about her career for the past 16 years.

In an interview for a new photoshoot released on February 23rd, HyunA told various stories, from her feelings about her 16th debut anniversary to the process of preparing performances.


Choosing “wildflower” as the flower that best describes her, HyunA said, “The small flower that can bloom even in a poor environment like asphalt… I can feel a lot from it. The fact that wildflowers try to survive and naturally bloom everywhere is similar to me”, adding “I normally look like a wildflower, but after constant practice, I can become a bright red rose when I go on stage with full energy and the help of numerous staff.”

Regarding her on-stage image, HyunA shared, “When I’m immersed in performing, I’m not afraid to get hurt and don’t feel any pain”, adding “I tend to practice longer if I’m not satisfied with my performance. I also monitor my stage thoroughly. When I was young, I knew nothing and just did my best, but now, I know what I’m doing and I’m working hard on that. About 100 people prepare for a 3-minute stage together, so I think I have to be responsible.”


About meeting the audience at festival stages after the long pandemic period, HyunA said, “I communicate with fans a lot. When I sing, I hand over the mic to the audience and they all sing and dance together with me. I’m very touched by that. I’ve been to many university festivals these days and whenever I’m on the stage, I realize, ‘Ah this is what I really missed’.”

Revealing that people started to misunderstand her ever since she released “Bubble Pop” when she was 20, HyunA said, “It was not easy to carry such a big burden on my shoulders at such a young age. People criticized me and hated me for no reason. I wanted to overcome them and pretend that nothing happened. Today is my 16th debut anniversary. I think I was not alone, and I learned how to overcome such things with my fans throughout the past 16 years. I think the public’s eyes on me have become more generous. Even when they run into me on the street, they don’t think I’m an unfriendly person anymore. That’s amazing. I’m very happy and thankful for that.”


Contrary to rumors, HyunA was actually a very cautious and clumsy person who doesn’t know how to express herself and her feelings towards others. HyunA shared, “My family said, ‘From now on, let’s practice talking about how I feel’. So I’m going to practice it starting this year”, adding “I spend more time with my family. I share joy and sorrow with them. More than family, I spent more time together and share joys as well as sorrows with… then we’re like family. When I’m alone, you always keep me strong. Thank you. I’ve never changed. You know I’m quite loyal, right?”

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