“Amazing visual combination”, BTS V, Im Si Wan, and Kang Dong Won show off their friendship

An unexpected personal connection with BTS member V is attracting attention.

On December 6th, netizen A posted a photo of BTS V, Im Si Wan, and Kang Dong Won on his Instagram and shared that he received autographs from the trio. In the photo, V, Kang Dong Won, and Im Si Wan were all wearing golf clothes, arousing surprise. 

bts v kang dong won im si wan

Seeing such an outstanding combination, netizens responded in various ways, and left comments such as, “How are the three of them related?”, “The combination of visuals is crazy”, “All three look different and handsome”, “I love it when handsome people gather together”, and  “Everyone looks good”.

im si wan summer strike conference

Previously, in an interview with Elle Korea in January, Im Si Wan boasted of his unexpected personal connection with BTS V, saying, “Recently, the last person I followed on Instagram was Taehyung.” (Kim Taehyung is the real name of BTS V). 

Meanwhile, V and Kang Dong Won are both from Geochang, Gyeongsangnam-do, and are known as “Geochang brothers”. 

Kang Dong Won has explained how he became close with V in the past, saying, “It hasn’t been long since I got close to V. He is a cute younger brother. There’s an acquaintance that introduced us to each other.”  

Afterwards, V attended the VIP preview of the movie “Broker”, which stars Kang Dong Won, in June. 

Source: Nate 

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