“All of Us Are Dead” rookie actors showed off their charms through Netflix’s behind video

Netflix revealed the video of “All of Us Are Dead” cast, including Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, and Romon, introducing the drama’s behind stories.

All of Us Are Dead” is receiving huge love from viewers around the world by announcing the birth of a new genre called “High-teen Zombie Survival”. On February 4th, the cast introduced their characters, interesting stories during the filming, and their offscreen chemistry through a video.

Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead” tells about high school students, who are trapped in their school where the zombie virus spread, joining hands to fight and struggling to survive while waiting for rescue.

Regarding how they felt when hearing the casting news, rookie actors Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Jo Yi-hyun, and Lomon, who were selected through auditions, altogether said, “It was so great that we could act together”. The main cast cited the struggles, unpredictable developments, and extraordinary chemistry against the backdrop of schools and the students’ homes as the key points that the viewers should focus on while watching the drama.

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Like how Park Ji-hoo revealed her first impression about this work, “I think it’s very interesting as it’s a story happening in a school”, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, and Romon also pointed out that the novel’s setting of the zombie virus spreading in a school, which is a familiar place to all viewers around the world, would bring about many interesting stories.

In particular, there are many thrilling action scenes in which students, who are isolated in their school, struggle to fight against zombies in different places in the school, such as the library, cafeteria, broadcasting room, music room, warehouse, etc., that they thought were the safest.

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“Each place in school offers different tools, so it makes me feel like watching a game”, Yoon Chan-young expressed his impression on surprising action scenes when unexpected props are used as weapons. In fact, it was the passionate performances of actors who played zombies that completed the thrilling action scenes everywhere in the school.

Yoo In-soo shared, “I was scared by how the actors played zombies incredibly realistic”, raising expectations for the performances of more than 60 zombie actors cast through auditions.

A part of the video also drew attention as it showed the filming site with the actors’ harmonious teamwork, just like how actor Yoo In-soo revealed, “I was excited to go to work rather than worrying because the director created such a relaxing filming environment”.

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It is said that director Lee Jae-kyu used the actors’ adlibs to create a sense of reality, and thanks to this, famous scenes that vividly capture the characters’ emotions and situations were made. Finally, the actors expressed their affection for each other by describing the pleasant and friendly atmosphere at the filming site: “Every moment was interesting” (Romon), “Our teamwork was perfect” (Cho Yi-hyun), “They were like my real school friends. The last shooting felt like our graduation, so I was really emotional” (Park Ji-hoo).

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The High-teen Zombie Survival drama “All of Us Are Dead” can be streamed on Netflix.

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