All of TWICE looked gorgeous at the airport, but this member drew the most attention

This is not the first time this TWICE member caught eyes with her hourglass body. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kpop idols haven’t been spotted in their airport fashions for a while. Recently though, TWICE managed to turn the Incheon airport into their runway as the group departed for Los Angeles. 


With 9 members, the famous girl group showcased 9 different styles. While each member was dressed in their own colors, their sense of style was undeniable. Generally though, TWICE seemed to have opted for the chic casuals in basic yet dynamic items. 


Sana, Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung exuded feminine vibes. If Mina was mysterious in all black with a bodycon dress, sunglasses, and bucket hat, then Tzuyu was elegant in her gingham blouse and long beige skirt. Meanwhile, Dahyun drew attention in a fairy-like white dress and green cardigan, while Dahyun looked more fierce with a gray blazer over black skirt. 

Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, and Mina settled for a more dynamic style. The leader of TWICE was dressed in a crop blazer and matching trousers, while Jeongyeon was in t-shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and black mailboy cap. Mina looked super casual in a crop top, cardigan, slippers, and loose jeans, while Nayeon was all cutie sexy with a crop jacket and camisole that showed off her shoulders. 

All of the aforementioned members look outstanding in their own ways, but Momo was the one that caught the most eyes in this round of airport fashion. Adorning a super simple dress with not noticeable patterns nor accessories, yet TWICE’s main dance stood out with her hourglass figure. The flared hem of the dress also highlighted Momo’s hips, while the cinched waist made Momo all the more spectacular. 


Momo’s physique has always been high-regarded by Kpop fans. Unlike many others, the TWICE member never took skinny, but rather dynamic and athletic. Her small waist, large híps, and sexy cleavage can handle any fashion item, and in every angle, Momo’s body proportions can be said to be a masterpiece. 

Momo’s body truly resembles an hourglass. In February this year, a series of photos where the idol adored a tight crop top and jeans became a hot topic among netizens. 

This insane body proportions allow Momoo to stand out everytime in airport pictures, despite her simple clothes. The female idol also knows to play to her strength, and would opt for skinny pants that highlight her hips. 

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