Alchemy of Souls 2: “Lee Jae Wook X Go Yoon Jung will show a deeper romance”

The secret behind the hidden meaning of “Light and Shadow”, the subtitle of “Alchemy of Souls”, is revealed.

Set in a fictional country called Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow” (directed by Park Joon Hwa/written by Hong Mi Ran/hereinafter referred to as “Alchemy of Souls 2”) is about the love and growth of young mages as they overcome their twisted fates due to a forbidden magic spell known as the “alchemy of souls”, which allows souls to switch bodies.

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First of all, the subtitle “Light and Shadow” is a metaphor for the names of the two main characters. In the drama, Jang Uk (Lee Jae Wook)’s Uk is a shining Uk (rising sun), Nak Su (Go Yoon Jung)’s real name, Cho Yeong’s Yeong is a dark Yeong (spirit). Their names themselves are light and shadow. In particular, part 2 heralds the meeting of the light that has become darkness and the shadow that has become the only light in the darkness. This can be seen through the poster copy “You are the only one who shines in my deep darkness” and the two’s black-and-white contrasting costumes.

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On top of that, the secret of the subtitle can be solved by looking over Go Won (Shin Seung Ho)’s line at the time of part 1, “Black and white seem to contrast with each other, but when they are mixed together, the stains disappear.” In part 1, when Jang Uk and Nak Su fell in love with each other after maintaining the “master and servant” relationship, their wounds disappeared.

Accordingly, attention is already focused on how the narrative and chemistry of the two, who will be reunited with such an inseparable fate of light and shadow, will be portrayed.

Alchemy Of Souls

“Alchemy of Souls 2” production team said, “The subtitle is the relationship between the two. They will become each other’s light and shadow, become each other’s salvation. We plan to show a deeper romance with an inseparable fate like one body through this.”

“Alchemy of Souls 2” will premiere on Dec 10th.

Source: Daum

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