AKMU’s Suhyun admitted to having bulimia and her fear of taking photos in public 

Attention has been drawn to AKMU Lee Suhyun, who admitted to having bulimia in the past.

“When you’re stressed out, you have to eat“, Lee Suhyun succeeded in losing weight but suffered from bulimia

Lee Su-hyun

AKMU Soohyun is loved for her cute appearance and beautiful voice.

At the beginning of her debut, her cute cheeks were her signature, but during her activities, Soohyun Lee succeeded in losing 8kg and showed off her mature charm.

While it seemed, on the surface, that Suhyun has been steadily managing her weight, in May, the singer confessed that she had bulimia. The news broke fans’ hearts.

Lee Su-hyun

She said, “I have a habit of having to eat something when I’m stressed even if I’m not hungry. It’s not my will, but when I come to my senses, when I see myself eating something that makes my stomach burst, I know, ‘This is bulimia’”.

Lee Su-hyun

Lately, fans’ attention was directed at Suhyun’s recent update.

AKMU Soohyun Lee who admitted to having bulimia… appeared here

On the 13th, AKMU Lee Suhyun and Lee Chan-hyuk attended the production presentation of Netflix’s new entertainment show “Take 1” and attracted the attention of fans.

Lee Su-hyun

At the scene, they posed naturally in the photo zone and took beautiful pictures.

At the event, Suhyun posed with a cute “V” sign and greeted the camera with a big smile.

Her chubby cheeks caught the camera as well as her unique eye smile, melting the atmosphere at the presentation.

Lee Su-hyun

As if he had gained a little weight, Suhyun showed off her plump cheeks and cute charm as if to tell that she had put on some weight. The singer looked even cuter with curled bangs.

In speaking of her decision to appear on “Take 1”, Suhyun said, “Because it is so attractive to do music content on Netflix in Korea, even other seniors, not us, would have willingly participated. As soon as I heard it, I said I would do it right away”.

Lee Su-hyun

Although the AKMU singer looked brighter in her plump look, some fans expressed concern, stating she might have gained weight again due to stress.

AKMU appeared in 2013’s “K-pop Star Season 2” as a mixed duo of siblings in South Korea and made themselves known by being the winners.

AKMU Suhyun

Since then, AKMU, which has signed a contract with YG Entertainment and been actively working as an artist duo with official album releases.

As the duo gained vast popularity, Suhyun also confessed to the burden of being asked for photos.

Lee Suhyun

In May, Suhyun talked of her rejecting a photo request from fans who recognized her in real life on her YouTube channel, “Because her photos were secretly taken many times in the past”.

She said frankly, “I think I just feel pressured to take my photos in public now. That is why I say no to most fans who ask me for photos outside of work. I feel terrible about that actually”. 

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