Agency quickly announced position on Kwon Sang Woo’s tax evasion suspicions

The fact that actor Kwon Sang Woo was subjected to a tax investigation by the National Tax Service and imposed a fine of 1 billion won was belatedly known, and he was embroiled in tax evasion suspicions.

Kwon Sang Woo‘s agency Su Company recently explained, “It’s not tax omission or evasion.” They did not deny the fact that Kwon Sang Woo was fined 1 billion won, but refuted tax evasion suspicions.

Kwon Sangwoo

Su Company said, “The tax authorities asked for clarification on the timing of the profit and loss attribution. There was a difference in the timing, so we voluntarily paid (taxes) after completing the revised return.”

They refuted and explained tax evasion suspicions raised by some people, “It’s not tax omission or evasion. Payment and refund occurred at the same time, so it was a report of correction.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Sang Woo married Son Tae Young in 2008. They have one son and one daughter.

Source: Wikitree

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