aespa’s Winter through 4 eras since debut: When does she look the prettiest?

The majority of Korean netizens think Winter’s visual was at its peak during the promotion for this aespa’s song. 

The first member to be announced in the lineup of aespa, Winter, draws attention for both her pretty appearance and outstanding talent. Winter is also the group’s lead vocal and lead dancer. She impresses the public with her charismatic vocal color and eye-catching dancing performances. This is the reason why Winter’s fancams always get the highest number of views among aespa members.

Within more than a year since aespa’s debut, the group has had 4 official promotions for the following songs: “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, “Savage”, and most recently “Dreams Come True” (remake of SES’s song of the same name). Throughout these 4 eras, the members went through many changes in hairstyles and makeup looks to match the concept of each song. Winter is no exception. Everytime aespa makes a comeback, she receives positive reactions from fans and the public for her transformation of image. 

aespa winter

In a recent topic on a Korean online community, netizens compare Winter’s visuals during 4 promotions of aespa. With 4 photos taken at SBS’s music show “Inkigayo” during different periods, netizens were asked to select their favorite era that they think Winter looks the prettiest in. 

aespa winter
aespa winter
“Next Level” era
aespa winter
“Savage” era
aespa winter
“Dreams Come True” era

Based on the comments with the highest up votes, the majority of Korean netizens are leaning towards “Black Mamba”, the debut era of Winter and aespa. Many netizens think Winter’s blonde hair and makeup look back during “Black Mamba” suited her the most. 

Some comments: 

  • Of course it’s “Black Mamba”… Winter’s short hair and bob cut with bangs makes her look childish. With long blonde hair, she looks like a princess
aespa winter
  • Am I the only one who picks ‘Dreams Come True’… I feel like the peak of Winter’s visuals changes every comeback. Personally, I think long blonde hair makes Winter’s face look longer and overall more mature. “Next Level” Winter was also beautiful.”
  • OP should have chosen a better photo for ‘Black Mamba’ era, the one in the post is not it… I like ‘Black Mamba’ Winter the best”
  • I will choose “Black Mamba” without even thinking
aespa winter
  • Winter’s visual reached a whole different level starting from “Next Level” era. She’s always pretty, but if only considering her on-stage looks, “Next Level” is the one.  From makeup, to hairdo, to the song itself, everything is perfect
  • Winter with warm-toned makeup and wavy blonde hair during ‘Black Mamba’ era is legendary
  • Blonde hair Winter is still the best
aespa winter
  • Wow turns out I’m not the only one who thinks ‘Black Mamba’ was the peak of Winter’s visual. Winter’s best styling is in aespa’s first self-produced video, when she wears her uniform and introduces herself. She was really pretty back then.”
  • I like Winter with this hairstyle the most
aespa winter
  • Black Mamba’s style suits Winter the best. At that time, she really looked like an idol, an SM princess
  • Because Winter has a warm skin tone, black hair makes her look a bit sick… Blonde hair is much better. My pick is “Black Mamba”
aespa winter

From “Black Mamba” to “Dreams Come True”, which era do you think Winter’s visual is at its peak? 

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