aespa’s Karina stuns with her curvy body at the airport even in a basic long sleeve tee

aespa Karina’s airport fashion draws attention. 

On November 27th, aespa departed for Sydney via Incheon International Airport for an overseas schedule.The members were all dressed in black. As the weather in Seoul has gotten significantly colder, they all wore either warm jackets or long sleeve tops. 

aespa Karina airport
aespa Karina airport

In particular, Karina stood out by showing off her superior physique even in just a basic outfit of long sleeve tee and jeans. Karina’s perfect body proportions with long and slender limbs also make netizens envious. She has everything from a slim and healthy-looking body to a curvy S-line. 

Even in the midst of aespa’s busy departure, Karina expressed her gratitude by receiving letters and gifts from the fans at the airport.

aespa Karina airport

Previously, on November 17th, Karina also stunned with her physique during a live broadcast celebrating the 2nd anniversary of aespa’s debut. At the time, Karina wore a black cardigan over a tight-fitting top, exuding her sexy and mature charm.

aespa Karina airport

Meanwhile, aespa will introduce their own reality show, “aespa Sync Road,” for the first time on December 14th.

“aespa Sync Road” is a reality travel show that requires players to complete the “Sync Road” by acquiring “ae-key” cards hidden throughout the travel road. The travel stories of aespa members who spend 2 nights and 3 days in Donghae and Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, will be presented.

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