aespa’s Karina, “I feel pressured doing individual ending scenes on music shows. I try to pose based on fans’ opinions”

Karina revealed a behind-the-scenes story of her music show ending pose.

aespa members Karina, Ning Ning, and Giselle appeared as guests on KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Gi-kwang’s Gayo Plaza” on July 14th. Winter couldn’t join the broadcast due to health reasons.

When DJ Lee Gi-kwang asked about music show ending pose, which has emerged as a hot topic lately, Karina said, “I had a video call fansigning even not long ago and I learned some poses recommended by fans. I tried to do the poses that they wanted to see.”

She added, “Ning Ning used to do a lot of ending poses using K-memes, like the ‘I’ll disappear’ meme”. Ning Ning recalled and said, “I love those memes so I wondered should I show it as a music show ending pose. I did the pose and fans loved it a lot.”

In addition, Karina honestly confessed, “Music shows originally had group ending but since they changed to film ending scene of each member, I feel more pressured.”

Source: Daum

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