Jessica won 4 consecutive rounds of “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, showed excellent leadership

Former SNSD member Jessica Jung proves herself to be a formidable contender in a Chinese audition show with powerful skills and leadership.

Ever since the initial episodes of Chinese audition show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, former SNSD member Jessica has been considered a strong contender to win first place. And not befalling expectations, the female idol has won 4 times in a row in live stage evaluations.


At the recently aired 4th live stage, Jessica assumed the leader role in her team, and thus had to participate in 2 consecutive rounds: one for the leaders and one with her team. Despite having to practice 2 performances simultaneously while in a completely different country and having to overcome language barriers, Jessica still dedicated her best to the performance. As a result, she successfully led her team to victory with 1384 live votes. At the same time, the female idol also challenged herself by writing her own rap lyrics for the leader’s performance.


As of the moment, Jessica has never fallen out of the show’s Top 3 most favorite participants, and all of her performances are showered  in praise. It seems that Jessica will be a certain name to debut with the winning girl group from season 3 of “Sisters Who Make Waves”.

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