aespa Winter surprises fans with her perfect visual that resembles Sailor Saturn in “Sailor Moon”

aespa member Winter, who celebrated her birthday on January 1st, showed off her perfect features at SM’s New Year online concert.

To mark the New Year 2023, SM Entertainment held a free concert called “SMTOWN LIVE 2023: [email protected]” on its YouTube channel from 1 p.m. on January 1st (KST). Throughout the concert, SM Entertainment artists such as Super Junior, Kangta, BoA, Girls’ Generation Tae Yeon, NCT, Red Velvet appeared and performed various colorful performances.


Amid many outstanding names appearing, the star that is drawing particular attention is aespa member Winter.

During the concert, Winter performed “Priority” with TVXQ’s MAX Chang Min and Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon. Winter, whose birthday is on January 1st, showed off her unique visuals on the stage, receiving admiration from many viewers.


With her full hair bang and straight bobbed hair, Winter captivated everyone with her charming eyes. The makeup layout that emphasizes Winter’s big, clear eyes and transparent skin also doubled her lovely charm.

Many fans who saw Winter’s hairstyle and makeup today agreed in unison that she resembles the character Sailor Saturn from the manga Sailor Moon.


In fact, Winter’s visual features have a lot in common with Sailor Saturn’s, including her large eyes, fair skin, slim face shape and sharp features.

Source: Insight

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