aespa Winter recalled the creepy dreams she experienced in the past 

In a recent Instagram live, aespa Winter recounted various creepy events that once happened to her. 

On January 31st (KST), aespa Winter did a live broadcast on the official Instagram account of aespa, where she told various “paranormal” stories that happened to her. 


In particular, when Winter was in junior high school, she dreamed of hearing creepy sounds 6 to 7 times a week. 

“I have never met a ghost in real life, but I have dreamt of them”, the female idol shared, adding,
“During secondary school, I kept hearing whispers and giggles next to my ears when I slept. Sometimes the whispers would stop and I would feel relieved, only to hear someone saying, ‘Not scary at all, right?’.”

According to Winter, she often heard sounds of women and babies, and would try to open her eyes to look around. At the time, the panic caused her to feel extremely tired. 

aespa winter

The aespa members also recalled various creepy dreams of hers, like her brother driving without a face, or arguing with her without any sound. Then, he suddenly turned his head 360 degrees and screamed a hair-raising noise. One time, Winter was questioned by her mother for suddenly going to the door and saying, “Hello” when no one was there. 

“I once dreamed of a train accident, where a ghost turned around and told me, ‘This may be a dream to you, but the reality to many’. It was so scary”, Winter added. 

winter synk road

Finally, Winter said, “There’s one more. I used to dream of a person whose face constantly changes. They were walking on a street with a lot of trees, and I saw myself following them. They asked for my age, which should feel normal, but I was extremely scared. Afterwards, I dreamed about hanging out with a same-aged girl, but she suddenly said, ‘I envy you’. When I asked her why, she answered, ‘You are lucky to be living. I want to play with you a little more, but it’s time you go. Her words made me sad rather than scared.”

Source: LSB 

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