aespa stays truthful: Is not close with any seniors but grows closer to Red Velvet 

The behind-the-scenes video revealed an unexpected friendship between aespa and Red Velvet. 

Recently, in the behind-the-scenes video for “Beautiful Christmas” MV, Karina and Winter confessed: “During this shoot, I got to talk to Red Velvet members for the first time. It was fun. We aren’t close with any artists who are our seniors. I think we got pretty close with them on this occasion.” 

NingNing also revealed: “Yeri said she would treat us to a meal. We are going to visit her home. -Next time, knock knock – We’ll come over.” 


To celebrate Christmas and boast a festive spirit, aespa joined Red Velvet in a special collaboration MV “Beautiful Christmas”, which came out on December 14th, where the members of two groups immersed themselves in the holiday spirit, decorating trees and exchanging gifts. 

Source: Youtube

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