aespa revealed a disappointment about their debut and commented on negative reactions

Kpop girl group aespa admitted to not being completely happy when they first debuted. 

Recently, SM girl group aespa attended an interview on the “Zach Sang Show”, where they discussed their thoughts about the new album “Girls”, their debut with “Black Mamba”, their Coachella performance, and more. 

In particular, when asked about their feelings about officially entering the Kpop scene in 2020, Karina answered: “To be honest, it wasn’t just happiness. I mean of course we were happy to finally make our debut, but because we debuted in the middle of the pandemic, we couldn’t meet our fans in person as we had always hoped. Sadly, we were facing and performing in front of cameras.”

Karina then explained the intense amount of pressure aespa experienced as the first 4th generation girl group of SM Entertainment, stating: “Also, we received a lot of positive feedback after our debut, but since we were SM’s newest girl group, there were negative reactions as well. So we did have a hard time back then.”

Now, we have many fans and receive a lot of support and love. But, in our debut days, it was hard,” the female idol concluded. 

The MC then asked for aespa’s viewpoint regarding negative comments, to which Karina responded: “In the beginning, we paid a lot of attention to the negative, but now we see it as a kind of concern. You know: ‘The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.’ We try to see it as a good thing and let it go.”

The insightful answer of Karina is receiving a lot of praise from netizens. 

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