A sudden development on “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” that shocked everyone, the final villain worse than Kwon Min-woo is here

An unexpected villain appeared in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” shocking the viewers.

In the 11th episode of the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (hereinafter referred to as “Woo Young-woo”), which aired on August 3rd, an unexpected meeting between two characters was depicted.

extraordinary attorney woo

In this episode, Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyuk) visited Tae-san’s representative lawyer, Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung). Kwon Min-woo threatened Tae Soo-mi with her secret before proposing a suggestion to her.

Kwon Min-woo mentioned a conspiracy, referring to Tae Soo-mi’s secret.

extraordinary attorney woo

“You took a leave of absence in 1995 when you were a senior in college and returned to school two years later in 1997. People around you said you went to study abroad, but there is no specific record of that,” he said. “Above all, lawyer Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) was born in 1996 when lawyer Tae Soo-mi was on leave of absence.”

extraordinary attorney woo

When Tae Soo-mi asked, “What are you doing?” Kwon Min-woo said, “I’m trying to appeal myself to you. I want to work where knowing other people’s secrets becomes a strength and a weapon. I want to work at a law firm where a lawyer knows how to win the battle and can play politics when necessary,” he said.

“Hanbada is not such a place. I don’t want to become a weak lawyer under a senior who only pretends to be nice,” he said.

extraordinary attorney woo

Tae Soo-mi then said, “It’s not enough to know other people’s secrets. You must have the ability,” adding, “Can you make Woo Young-woo quit Hanbada?” she suggested.

When Kwon Min-woo asked, “Why are you like this?” Tae Soo-mi said, “You don’t have to know that. If you can do that, you will become a lawyer at Taesan, become my direct team member,” which confused viewers.

extraordinary attorney woo

After watching that episode, many netizens are confused. They commented in anger, “Is Tae Soo-mi the final villain?” “He just went to a politician who is said to be the next Minister of Justice and said that? I think he has lost the ability to fear anything,” “Tactician Woo will become Resignation Woo from today,” “I thought something would change and he would become nicer, but he is acting annoying,” “Being great and being reckless are different,” and “He has crossed the line.”

In addition, some other netizens said, “Tae Soo-mi will eventually become a mother whale who cannot leave the side of her hunted baby whale and sacrifice herself,” “Han Sun-young, the representative of Hanbada, will protect the whale because it has to live in the sea,” and “Tae Soo-mi is amazing. She never affirmed anything or showed her fear. She made use of him right away,” “(Kwon Min-woo) will be used because of the secret he knows. It’s a pity that he doesn’t realize how there aren’t many seniors like lawyer Chung Myung-seok at work.”

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