aespa preheats stage for official comeback with two music videos, netizens divide in reactions

aespa struggles to accomplish digital chart achievements despite efforts to diversify their music.

On May 2nd, aespa released the music video for the pre-released song “Welcome To MY World”, along with the track video for “I’m Unhappy”, ahead of their official comeback. Contrary to initial belief, the two music videos could not garner as much success as expected.

“Welcome To MY World” Music Video – aespa

“Welcome To MY World” is an alternative pop song dotted with compelling guitar riff segments. The visual element also gained attention on its own. It presents simple and everyday shots that distinguish itself from aespa’s previous heavily meta-inspired video concepts. The pre-released music video takes a whole new road from the metaverse concept that is so familiar about aespa.


On the same day, aespa also dropped the track video for the song “I’m Unhappy”. The simple pop arrangement managed to convey the meaning of the song accurately. Through a dark high-school concept with abstract imagery, fans believed the conveyed message was about mental health.

Despite better investment in music and growing experimentation with concepts, aespa has not garnered much success in either digital music charts or YouTube streaming numbers.

Aespa’s pre-released track only landed in 51st place on MelOn real-time chart at the time of the song’s release

“Welcome To MY World” only came in 51st place on MelOn’s real-time chart at the time of release. After one day, the song entered the iChart system at No. 36 on Bugs, No. 87 on Genie, and No. 93 on MelOn. YouTube views on their music video for the song showed a gradual increase. It garnered 5.6 million views after 24 hours following its release.

Netizens are showing mixed reactions to the new music releases from aespa. While some felt these two songs to be an attempt to diversify the types of sound often associated with aespa, others believe these tracks to be less appealing compared to their previous releases, such as “Next Level” or “Girls”. Nonetheless, netizens are waiting to hear aespa’s official music release on May 8th.

Source: K14

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