aespa NingNing appeared at the Chopard event in a daring Versace dress, which resembles Jisoo’s

Nonetheless, netizens notice the dress is similar to one Jisoo wore before, in terms of form and material. 

At the moment, aespa is gaining attention as the K-pop girl group which appeared at the “76th Cannes International Film Festival” at the invitation of Chopard. One day before the Film Festival, they attended a Chopard event and gained worldwide attention. Among the members, NingNing stood out with her visuals.

For this event appearance, NingNing wore a bold lace dress from Versace. Coincidentally, Jisoo wore the same dress to film her “FLOWER” MV. Netizens have a chance to see how the two idols can bring out different charms to the outfit.

aespa NingNing revealed her sexy side at the Chopard Event
This visual transformation gained praise from netizens. Nevertheless, they also notice the dress was also worn by BLACKPINK Jisoo, though in a different color
BLACKPINK Jisoo also wore a similar design for her solo MV and revealed her attractive side in it

NingNing’s black dress is part of the RTW 2023 Collection and Jisoo’s purple dress is from the 2023 Spring/Summer Collection. They are almost identical in form and material and are mostly differentiating in color


 In response, netizens said, “Their Versace dresses are so similar, I thought they were the same one”, “NingNing looks so good in black while purple suits Jisoo so well”, and “Each gives a different charm to their outfit”.

Previously, netizens noticed aespa NingNing followed a similar fashion style to BLACKPINK Jennie. The similarity went from stage outfits to everyday clothing.

NingNing wore a flared dress to a Halloween party two years ago. She completed her look with bold, smokey eye makeup. However, netizens thought the look resembled that of Jennie on a music show’s promotional stage
The two idols have an identical cropped lilac cardigan. While NingNing matched it with a black top, Jennie opted for a lilac one to create a unifying look
At another time, NingNing wore a rumpled white shirt with tight pants and a chain belt

Source: k14 

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